I’m Heather! I’m driven by helping organizations solve problems and increase opportunities with visual solutions.

Since joining a graphic design program in high school, I have been hooked on design. I attended Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan, graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

I have been able to help organizations in a wide range of industries, including industrial manufacturing, business-to-business, high-end fashion, wealth management, and more. I’m passionate about both supporting organizations through design and sharing my skills with others.

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Heather is Van Buren Tech’s Graphic Design Instructor, providing professional education to juniors and senior students in high school who are interested in design. 

In the classroom, Heather prioritizes teaching her students industry best practices, the skill of client interfacing, and employability. Heather’s students are highly successful in their design work, often featured in social media and the local newspaper.

Van Buren Tech is a Career & Technical Education (CTE) building with over 25 programs, offering college credit in a hands-on learning environment that challenges students to apply their knowledge and skills to prepare for their post-secondary career.